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Decoration since 1995 - Import Export Manufacturer

Very Wood / FURNITURE / Coffee tables / Plot wood

Plot wood / Plot wood
Plot wood / Apercu n 1 Plot wood / Apercu n 2 Plot wood / Apercu n 3 Plot wood / Apercu n 4 Plot wood / Apercu n 5 Plot wood / Apercu n 6 Plot wood / Apercu n 7 Plot wood / Apercu n 8 Plot wood / Apercu n 10 Plot wood / Apercu n 11
Very Wood presents you his creation 100% made in Brittany France.
Natural handmade wood.

PLOT S / Height 45 cm, diameter around 30 cm
PLOT M / Height 45 cm, diameter around 40 cm.
PLOT L / Height 45 cm, diameter around 50 cm.
PLOT XL / Height 68 cm, diameter around 40 cm.

I can make them in Natural raw wood or black top finishing.

Each piece is unique !
The diameter and the form could various from the natural form of the trees.
The wood is a living material that can crack.
Made to order, no minimum.

article fait main Fait à la main en Bretagne !
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