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Very Wood / BAZ'ART / Round paddles

Round paddles / Round paddles
Round paddles / Apercu n 1 Round paddles / Apercu n 2 Round paddles / Apercu n 3
For a decoration " seaside ". We meet a real success with this magnificent wooden paddles ( oars ) and of different colors. You wish to decorate a shop window, a Zen interior, a garden near the sea or quite different projects, so do not resist any more to the charm of these unique pieces, originally used by Filipinos boat-Mans and used by time !

Ideas DIY: with several pieces, realize an original bedhead ! Or why not a coat rack with some hooks fixed on a paddle. Be creative !

Each paddle is unique, by his size, color, pattern, and more or less old.
Thanks to contact us then we could send you some photos from our actual stock.

Dimensions :
Height 120 - 126 cm
Large 20 - 28 cm
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