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Decoration since 1995 - Import Export Manufacturer

Interiors design VERY WOOD !


When the NATURE inspires us...
Discover differents collections of roots furnitures and wooden objects for decoration.

The roots in precious wood, transformed in table, bench, coffee table, bar, table top or console,
are all uniques and worked in the respect of the natural form.
Offer to your interiors authenticity, character and sobriety !.
Discover also some furniture made by hand with local french wood from Brittany.
You will find to complete the collection a lot of unique decorative pieces, new or antiques,
for an elegant, warm and original decoration !.
Very Wood proposes also some wood for the cutlery & jewellery.

I have the pleasure of sharing a natural universe combining the authenticity of raw material with that of my work; as well as many treasures from here and all over the world.

The entierety of the stock that can not be bet online, do not hesitate to inform about your projects, then i could propose you others pieces or study a special manufacture.

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No minimum order. / Fast and careful shipping since 1995.
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Thanks for your visit, Very wood day and see you soon !