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Decoration since 1995 - Import Export Manufacturer

Very Wood / DECO / Garden side / Mushrooms

Mushrooms / Mushrooms
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Discover our wonderful collection of wooden Mushrooms, sculpted in acacia, for an original and autumnal decoration.
Put on a table, a furniture or at the foot of a fireplace, in a restaurant, a living room, a kitchen or why not in a shop window (showcase)... We sell them very well singly but most often by groups of 4 or a full set.

Put outside : We advise to protect them with a varnish adapted otherwise they will turn naturally grey color in time (what is not disagreeable!). The wood may crack but it does not remove the charm of the piece.

We propose 7 sizes at your choice :

XXL : height around 120 cm
XL : height around 95 cm
L : height around 70 cm
M : height around 52 cm
S : height around 40 cm
XS : height around 30 cm
XXS : height around 20 cm
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